North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative

Did you know that the highest cancer mortality rates in Florida are concentrated in the North Central Florida region? Improving access to cancer care and reducing the burden of cancer on residents in the region is the primary purpose of the North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NCFCCC).

Members of NCFCCC include safety net healthcare facilities (i.e., Federally-Qualified Health Centers, county health departments, rural health clinics), primary care practices, hospices, hospitals, government agencies and a variety of community stakeholder groups.

Through online training presentations, successful grant applications, regional cancer data, and The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida, NCFCCC supports the region’s cancer community with resources, networking opportunities and education.

The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida

Compiled by WellFlorida Council and NCFCCC, The Cancer Resource Guide of North Central Florida lists support groups, community and caregiver resources, financial support services and tobacco cessation activities throughout the region. Organizations are encouraged to log on to the site and post their cancer related resources to share with the community. Healthcare professionals and cancer patients, survivors and caregivers will find helpful resources such as summer camps for children with cancer; sources for breast prosthesis and wigs; and medical assistance for individuals who are uninsured or under-insured, including low cost/no cost mammograms. Locate resources for these needs and more on the website www.CancerResourceGuideNCF.org.

Upcoming Events:

Town Hall Meeting to Revise the Florida State Cancer Plan

On Tuesday, October 8th at 10:00 AM please join the NCFCCC as we work together on addressing cancer in our state.

Each of the six Regional Collaboratives will host a town hall meeting to gather input and feedback on how to revise and improve the current Florida State Cancer Plan, and how Regional Collaborative partners and community stakeholders can be involved in implementing the new 2020 – 2025 plan.

Poverty Simulation Workshop

On Wednesday, November 6th, from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM please join the NCFCCC and Columbia County Health Department for a Poverty Simulation Workshop.

The Poverty Simulation helps participants better understand the everyday challenges and difficult decisions that low income members of our communities must face every day.
“More importantly, this tool helps people identify areas of change that can directly impact the effects of poverty on individuals, families and communities.” (Missouri Community Action Network)

North Central Florida Cancer Control Collaborative Documents

Download the NCFCCC Brochure

Download the NCFCCC Strategic Plan

Download the NCFCCC Bylaws

Florida Department of Health Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Guiding Documents

View the Florida Comprehensive Cancer Control Program

 Download the 2015 Florida Cancer Control and Research Plan

Get the region’s latest cancer report

The North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016 includes a wide range of cancer data, including crude death rates, an epidemiologic profile, cancer incidence rates for all cancers, hospital discharges and more. The report is produced by WellFlorida and covers the NCFCCC region.

Download the  North Central Florida Cancer Report 2016.

Read about NCFCCC

Keep up with recent press releases regarding NCFCCC on the WellFlorida website

Watch a video

View a video montage on the experiences of rural cancer patients and survivors in North Central Florida.